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15.0 Client Focus

15.5 Feedback to API and PINZ Members and/or the API/PINZ

Feedback to API and PINZ Members and/or the API/PINZ 15.5 (PDF 32 KB)

1.0 The Importance of Relevant and Timely Feedback

  • 1.1 Purpose

    • The purpose of this Client Focus element is to outline for clients of API or PINZ Members the importance of providing feedback on the services provided and to let it be known that the Australian Property Institute and New Zealand Property Institute is also interested in receiving feedback, not only on the performance of its Members but also on the Institutes itself.
  • 1.2 Importance of Clear and Precise Instructions

    • Clear and precise instructions are an important part of receiving service that delivers the level and type of output clients require. Sometimes, though what is delivered may not meet requirements. Causes may include misunderstanding or failure to comply with API or PINZ Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct, Practice Standards or reasonably align with Guidance Notes.
  • 1.3 Feedback before Acting on Advice if Concern

    • It is important for clients to realise that it is totally reasonable and preferable for them to check back with the service provider for clarification, correction or supplementation whenever it is perceived that any output does not meet requirements of the instructions or professional expectations. This feedback should be done before acting on the advice provided.
  • 1.4 Members to Respond

    • It is the Member s professional responsibility to respond to any reasonable queries or feedback even though no additional fee is offered. However the Institute recognises that in the case of additional work resulting from unclear original instructions or variation to the original instructions, it may be appropriate for the Member to seek an additional fee.
  • 1.5 Positive Response to Exceptional Service

    • The Institute also encourages clients to respond positively to its service providers where the level of service or advice is considered to be exceptional.
    • Further if this feedback is provided to the Institute, it can develop a better understanding of what clients would like to receive and look to measures that might raise the overall standard of its Members.
  • 1.6 Feedback to Institute if Concern

    • At the same time the Institute recognises that there will be occasions when a client considers that the quality of the service provided seriously falls short of its expectations or those of the Institute s Code of Ethics, Rules of Conduct, Practice Standards or Guidance Notes. While a client may be reluctant to lodge an official complaint, the Institute would nonetheless like to be made awareof the client s perception. This can even be done without advising the Member s name if so desired.
    • The communication may include all or part of a report to highlight any concern. It should be addressed to the Divisional Office of the API in the state in which the Member s office is located or national office of the PINZ.
  • 1.7 Importance of Feedback

    • It is important for the reputation of the membership at large that the Institute is informed. This way it can consider if what is raised is a one-off issue or something that is becoming a more widespread issue to be addressed with the membership at large. If the Institute considers it important for the Member involved to be counselled, it may request that the Member s name be revealed, but this will ultimately be up to the client.
  • 1.8 Institutes Performance

    • The Institutes would also like to know how Member s clients as well as Members feel about the performance of the each Institute. Again it is by being aware of how the Institutes are perceived that they can review what they do and how they do it so as to benefit and be relevant to Members and their clients. Such comments should be forwarded to the API National Secretariat in Canberra or the PINZ National Secretariat in Wellington.
    • Contact Details for the API and PINZ are located on page 16.5.1.