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15.0 Client Focus

15.2 Types of Services Provided by API and PINZ Members

Types of Services Provided by API and PINZ Members 15.2 (PDF 31 KB)

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Purpose

    • The purpose of this Client Focus element is to inform existing and potential clients of API & PINZ Members of the broad range of services Members can provide.
  • 1.2 Property is Diverse

    • It is easy to think of property as real estate alone, yet there are many different classes of property.
    • Property in a broad sense is anything which can be owned or in which an interest can be held, over which some control can be exercised, which can be traded or left in an estate or from which current or future rights to receive benefits can be held. Property can include, but is not limited to, real estate and associated interests therein, personal property, intellectual property, rights, licences and options, plant and machinery, art and jewellery, goodwill and shares. While the majority of Member activities are related to real estate and plant and machinery, the other areas are attracting some specialist focus.
  • 1.3 Many Different Capacities

    • Members of the API & PINZ are involved with property in many different capacities in both the private and public sectors.
    • You will find API & PINZ Members who are:
      • • Investment trust managers
      • • Rural property brokers
      • • Property developers
      • • Business brokers
      • • Property finance consultants
      • • Valuers (real estate and/or plant and machinery)
      • • Property researchers
      • • Asset managers
      • • Sales and leasing negotiators
      • • Portfolio managers
      • • Property managers
      • • Litigation specialists
      • • Legal practitioners (dual qualifications)
    • And within each of these capacities you could find Members who specialise in a particular type of property and/or activity. For example, a property developer may specialise in inner city commercial developments or residential land subdivision; a property manager may specialise in shopping centres; a valuer may specialise in hotel or motel valuation or in property acquisition or specialise in certain plant and machinery valuation.
  • 1.4 Many Different Services

    • Many Members have extensive and varied experience in property. This enables them to perform a wide range of tasks on different types of property for varying purposes. You will find Members of the API & PINZ who can provide:
      • • Property and Advisory Services (see Business Focus 3 -- Property Action Plans)
      • • Valuations and Feasibility Studies
      • • Sales, Acquisitions and Leasing
      • • Investment Analysis, Corporate Advisory and Research
      • • Property and Asset Management
      • • Property Funds Management
      • • Development and Project Management
      • • Plant and Machinery Valuations
    • API & PINZ Members are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced to identify and capitalise on opportunities, deal with threats and facilitate solutions to property problems. No matter what type of property, no matter what your purpose, needs or objectives, you will find a Member of the API or PINZ who will be able to assist you.