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15.0 Client Focus

15.1 Client Focus

Client Focus 15.1 (PDF 25 KB)

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of the Client Focus section is to provide an outline of services available from Members. It also includes
tools to assist clients in instructing Members. Additionally it provides advice on feedback to Members and the Institute.

2.0 Benefit Clients, Benefit Members

While it might be said (and rightly so) that the Institute's clients are its Members, the Members' clients (and in some instances their service providers) could be seen as de-facto clients of the Institute. Therefore, anything that the institute can do to assist or benefit Members' clients should also benefit Members.

3.0 The Valuation and Property Standards Manual for the Benefit of Clients

The Manual is intended both for Members and their clients and interested third parties. It will give them a better understanding of the property profession and what can be expected of Members of the Australian Property Institute and the Property Institute of New Zealand. At the same time it will give Members a clearer focus as to what level of professional performance they should be providing to clients.

4.0 Client Needs

The main reason for being in business is to serve and benefit a client. Normally, benefits come to clients from solving clients' problems. This requires an understanding of clients' needs and an awareness that those needs are frequently changing. The Australian Property Institute and the Property Institute of New Zealand have strengthened their focus on Members client groups and will assist their Members in the process of solving clients' property-related problems. Sometimes this will require direct dealings by the API or PINZ at high level in client organisations. The API
and PINZ welcomes direct contact from clients at this level.

5.0 Expansion

This Client Focus section will be expanded in the future to provide greater assistance to clients in utilising Members' services especially as the era of electronic commerce develops. If clients would like to see anything in particular developed to assist them in dealing with Institute Members, the Institutes would be pleased to discuss requirements.

The Institutes trusts that the Manual, and this Client Focus section in particular will benefit Members' clients.

6.0 Want to Know More?

Visit the API s Institute s web site at: and/or the PINZ web site at: