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14.0 Business Focus

14.2 Professional Activities

Professional Activities 14.2 (PDF 33 KB)

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Business Focus element is to inform Members of various professional activities that can be undertaken to increase expertise and professional standing as a foundation for improved business and/or career prospects as well as contribution to the advancement of the body professional.

1.2 Points towards CPD

Most of the activities listed below will qualify for CPD Points. Check Business Focus 4: 'CPD Requirements, Activity Planner & Record' for eligibility details.

1.3 Professional Groups

Around Australia & New Zealand are groups of Members of the API & PINZ who meet regularly to discuss matters of interest at a professional level and to network and enjoy professional camaraderie. These are usually low cost activities
of several hours duration, often featuring a guest speaker. In metropolitan areas it should be possible to find a group that suits your interests and professional activities. Numbers in nonmetropolitan areas usually mean only one group per region. Most groups will have a Chairperson as well as other office bearers. These are further opportunities for professional advancement.

Contact your Divisional office/ Branch for details of groups near you.

1.4 CPD Modules

The Institute s have developed a wide range of module topics to periodically offer Members. These range from several hours duration to full day workshops and some spread over a number of weeks. New topics are constantly being developed to meet demand in our dynamic property area.

Most of these run on a cost recovery basis. Contact your Divisional office/Branch for details of modules coming up (though most will mail out flyers with newsletters).

1.5 Risk Management Module (RMM)

To further professionalism as an integral component part of bringing about improved Professional Indemnity Insurance market conditions on behalf of members, the Australian Property Institute initiated a compulsory Risk Management Module (course) for all practising valuers as part of the continuing professional development program.

The Risk Management Module includes topics such as best practice, better communication, better client selection, the stages of valuation, principles of law, a review of the API s Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics together with disciplinary of proceedings and the regulatory framework, professional office procedures and an awareness of insurance issues.

The intent of the Risk Management Module is to kerb the deteriorating Professional Indemnity Market conditions which has been characterised by rapidly rising premiums, rapidly rising self insured excesses or deductibles and deteriorating policy wordings.

1.6 Conferences

Most API Divisions will hold conferences with some events long established and attracting hundreds of Members and other interested parties. Some conferences are urban focussed while others are rural. While many are held in capital cities and regional centres as appropriate, others are held at resort destinations for those who like to combine professional activities and tax advantages.

PINZ holds an annual national conference which attracts more than 500 property professionals, organises national seminars and an annual national audio conference. PINZ Branches provide local seminars and educational events. International conferences are also available. Conferences are not only an excellent way of earning CPD points and
gaining knowledge, but they are also an excellent opportunity for networking and catching up with professional acquaintances. And if cost is an issue, some study groups also organise low cost half and one day conferences and workshops. Details on conferences are usually included in Institute publications.

1.7 Tapes, Videos and Papers

From some of the above activities a range of tapes, videos and papers are produced and are available for purchase at low cost from the Divisional/Branch offices while videos are often available for hire.

These are excellent ways to learn and gain more CPD points at a time and place of your choosing.

1.8 Boards, Councils and Committees

Most API Divisions have Professional Boards and all have Divisional Councils. Most API Divisional Council positions are member-elected while a few are appointed as are Board positions. Potential exists to progress to National Council, National Professional Board and Australian Valuation and Property Standards Board. PINZ operates an elected Board and NZIV operates an elected Council. Reporting to both of these groups are national Committees and Boards together with Branch Committees, All these are excellent opportunities to contribute to the advancement of the profession. The Institutes are keen to have the benefit of input from more recently qualified Members. Occasionally the opportunity arises for Members to be part of a short term 'ad hoc' committees, usually to address specific issues.

1.9 Articles for Professional Journal

The Editorial Board of the professional journal of API and PINZ is interested to receive articles of interest from Members. These do not have to be highly technical but can have broad appeal rather than being narrowly focused on local issues.