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14.0 Business Focus

14.1 Business Focus

Business Focus 14.1 (PDF 25 KB)

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this Business Focus section is to outline for Members some of the measures available to improve their businesses through professional development and various forms of communication including reports.

2.0 Benefits to Members and Clients

Most of the Valuation and Property Standards Manual is intended to firstly benefit Members and secondly their clients. It will give Members a better understanding of what the property profession expects of them as Members of the Australian Property Institute and Property Institute of New Zealand while at the same time assisting them to increase the benefits and relevance of the service provided to clients.

3.0 Clients Needs and Problems

The main reason for being in business is to serve and benefit a client. Benefits come from solving client problems. This requires an understanding of client needs and an awareness that those needs for some of our client groups are frequently changing. If we are to remain relevant to them we must know how to change what we do so we continue to solve their problems.

4.0 Forward Looking

The Australian Property Institute and Property Institute of New Zealand have strengthened their focus on Members' client groups and will assist Members in the process of solving clients' property-related problems. Your Institute is constantly looking forward trying to see what is over the horizon and working on appropriate responses.

5.0 Expansion of Business Focus

This Business Focus section will be expanded in the future to provide greater assistance to Members in meeting clients' needs and solving their property-related problems especially as the era of electronic commerce develops.

If Members would like to see anything in particular developed to assist them, the Institute would be pleased to discuss their requirements.

The Institute trusts that the Manual and this Business Focus section in particular, will benefit Members and their clients.

6.0 Want to Know More

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